Efficiency Solutions

Our services are designed to help Australians keep cool in summer, stay warm in winter, and reduce energy use all year round. We conduct energy efficiency assessments and compliance reports to guide new and existing developments through achieving compliance with thermal performance requirements. Through cost-minded consulting, we achieve sustainable temperature regulation for residential and commercial properties.

New Residential

New Residential

From fast-tracking building approval to increasing return on investment, we offer architects, building designers and residential developers the advantage of a council-ready design in alignment with the National Construction Code (NCC).

Our new residential services include:

Exsiting Residential

Existing Residential

Whether you’re moving, selling, or renovating your home, we’ll assess your property’s thermal performance and energy use to inform customised energy efficiency solutions. These proposals will always balance local requirements with your expectations and goals, ensuring there is a feasible option for everyone.



Our new residential services include:

New and Existing Commercial

New and Existing Commercial


Through an analysis of design, construction and functionality, we ensure new and existing commercial developments comply with all government energy efficiency regulations energy efficiency. Creating a strong sustainable basis today will not only reduce your environmental impact as an organisation, but will also help streamline efficiencies into the future.

Please contact us for more information regarding energy efficiency compliance reports for new and existing commercial properties.

Service costs and timeframes

The team at Stellar Thermal customise each project to achieve our client’s unique design, budget and timeframe goals. From urgent energy reports for a house going to market, to ongoing adjustments throughout a long-term development process, we guarantee competitive prices and timely results.

Contact us today for information regarding the pricing, turnaround time and efficiency requirements for your project.


Your state’s energy efficiency requirements

Our assessment, reporting and consulting approach will be customised to align with the unique needs of your property’s location. As each state’s requirements can differ, it’s essential to understand your local regulations and legislations before undergoing any major works. Contact our team today to discover what you need to know for your property.

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