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Each residential property has its unique characteristics, making it challenging to offer a standard price for an “Energy Efficiency Assessment and Report” without initial discussions with the involved parties.

Several factors need consideration, such as the project’s scope, proposed design and construction type, location, council regulations, and the desired outcomes of the owner or developer.


What is the typical turnaround time?

The turnaround time for a Thermal Performance and Energy Efficiency Assessment including a customised Compliance Report depends on varying factors including the complexity and size of the project as well as the customer’s needs and expectations.

What are the ‘typical’ time-frames?

  • Once we are able to collate the architectural drawings / construction plans and other information from you, we can assess the turnaround time and work with you in an efficient and timely manner.
  • We will provide a fee proposal / quote with the following time frame’s depending on the scope of work to be assessed:
      • 3 Business Days
      • 5 Business Days
      • 7 Business Days
      • 10 Business Days

“Our team approach all development projects with an intended outcome to protect and restore the environment whilst meeting the needs of present generations, without compromising future ones.”

Terms and Conditions

Service terms and conditions:

  • Each proposal has been assessed on the scope of the project as outlined by the Customer.
  • Energy assessment revisions are included within the scope of the project as outlined by the Customer.
  • Time for Completion:
    • As per the nominated and agreed upon business days (from receipt of final plans & construction specifications)
  • The Customer agrees to pay a 50% deposit upon acceptance of the quote / fee proposal.*
  • The Customer agrees to pay the amount in full upon final completion of assessment, prior to provision of final certificates, stamps and reports.*
  • The Customer will provide the revised, final plan set for Stellar Thermal to stamp / certify prior to D.A submission.
  • The Customer agrees to pay for any additional work required outside the scope of this agreement for revisions to plans after the initial certification has been completed.

*Special Conditions

Where contractual agreements have been established, the above-mentioned payment terms may differ.

Our Commitment & Promise

Our Commitment:

Whether you’re renovating a legacy family home or in the design phase of a new development, our team consider the location & climate, your budget and financial needs, as well as design and building requirements.

Our Promise:

We promise to provide results that inform you of the most cost-efficient ways to achieve compliance with the NCC Energy Efficiency regulations.

“Our holistic approach to energy efficiency and thermal performance considers the environmental, economic and social impact of every project to offer clients and their community lasting liveability.”

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The team at Stellar Thermal customise each project to achieve our client’s unique design, budget and timeframe goals. From urgent energy reports for a house going to market, to ongoing adjustments throughout a long-term development process, we guarantee competitive prices and timely results.

Contact us today for information regarding the pricing, turnaround time and efficiency requirements for your project.