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Inspired by over 30 years in the building design and construction industry, Stellar Thermal is dedicated to helping Australians create comfortable living and working spaces that function in harmony with their environment. A property designed using ecologically sustainable development principles, promises an abundant life to its current and future residents. From home renovations to large-scale commercial designs, our assessments, reports, and expertise achieve premium heating and cooling capabilities for a diverse range of properties.

The Stellar Thermal difference

Our holistic approach to energy efficiency considers the environmental, economic and social impact of every project to offer clients and their community lasting livability.

In addition to contributing to the preservation of our planet, designing and building an eco-friendly home reduces the long-term costs of electricity, water and system maintenance. When our clients enhance their dream development with our energy efficiency improvements, they’re creating a place that future generations will thank them for.


The greatest threat to our planet is the

belief that someone else will save it.

Robert Swan
Renewable energy advocate

Our commitment to you and the climate


Our unwavering commitment to conserving our planet inspires our considered approach to every development and its unique climate.


Our expertise in the building industry informs our advantageous insight into construction feasibility and property market opportunities.


Guided by our client’s vision, our fast processes deliver optimised developments with reduced long-term utility and maintenance costs.

Optimise your property’s energy efficiency performance

Our assessments, reports and ecologically sustainable development consultancy services are customised to elevate clients’ properties and quality of life. Whether you’re renovating a legacy family home or in the design phase of a new development, our experts consider climate, budget, design and building requirements to create a space of tranquillity and function.

Meet our founders



Ross’s reputation as a trusted expert in energy efficiency is built on his successful career as a building designer, and his dedication to sustainable living. Renowned for his solution-orientated approach to projects, Ross connects clients with the diverse advantages that accompany the clean energy revolution.


An established name in Queensland real estate, Santarita’s expertise in building design and construction is empowered by a respected property industry network. Influenced by her early career in health and wellbeing, Santarita’s focus on understanding clients and their needs delivers living spaces that effortlessly enhance every day.

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