Case Study

Boat Harbour Residence


Beachside Living

Designer: Draw Design Group

Location: Boat Harbour, Port Stephens NSW

NCC Climate Zone: 5 – Warm Temperate 

NatHERS Star Rating: 6 Stars 

BASIX: Deemed to Satisfy Compliance  

Solar: 5Kw per dwelling  

Rainwater Tanks: 5000L per dwelling

The Design

Designed by award-winning Building Designer Torren Bell for Draw Design Group, this luxurious two storey modern family home is only minutes’ walk to the beautiful and secluded Kingsley beach.

This contemporary beachside home comprises 4 bedrooms, a spacious kitchen and dining area as well as a generous size media room, separate lounge and activity room.

Climate Considerations

Australia has 8 main climate zones, as defined by the National Construction Code (NCC 2019). Each of these climate zones has different design and construction requirements.

Port Stephens falls into the NCC Climate Zone 5 and will often experience warm to hot, humid, and wet summers; whilst the winters are short and cool. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 8°C to 27°C and is rarely below 5°C or above 33°C.

Given both summer and winter can exceed the ‘human comfort range’ it is important to ensure the residential dwelling is protected from unwanted solar gain throughout the summer months, but also able to receive the warmth of the sun during the winter months. 

These are important factors that must be considered by all parties during the design process.

NatHERS Assessment Results

Thermal performance is the amount of heating or cooling energy that make the interiors of a home comfortable. In other words, it is a measurement of how efficiently your home can retain heat. A building with good thermal performance will need less energy to keep the insides warm and comfortable. (CSIRO)

Note: This multi-dwelling complex was assessed under the NCC2019 energy efficiency regulations, prior to 1 October 2023.

Thermal Performance Solutions

The design team have opted to use a combination of light tones for this north-west facing home which predominantly receives a great amount of sunshine all year round.

Opting for a design that takes advantage of colours that help reflect the heat as well large open windows that welcome natural air flow are some of the key characteristics that ensure a strong thermal performance rating is achieved.

The decision to add a minimum of 5kw solar system as well as a 5000L rainwater tank also reduces water and energy consumption throughout the home.

These ecologically sustainable solutions also provide long-term financial savings for the homeowner – and a valuable contribution to the sustainable future of the community.

We believe education is the key to achieving a future of sustainable living. Our case-studies, research and insight are designed to keep property development professionals and eco-friendly homeowners informed on energy efficiency expertise.  

Construction Assembly

The following insulation solutions were applied to the construction assembly for this project.

Household Features