Hot Water Systems

Hot water shower

Around 25% of a typical household’s energy consumption is dedicated to heating water for various purposes such as the bathroom, kitchen, and laundry. In certain households, this percentage could be significantly higher. With a multitude of options available, selecting the ideal hot water system can be challenging.

Cold Climate Design Strategies

Cold Climate House

Passive design strategies help reduce energy consumption, resulting in lower greenhouse gas emissions and a smaller carbon footprint.
This is achieved by taking advantage of natural resources to regulate temperature and light levels, reducing the need for artificial heating, cooling, and lighting systems.

NCC 2022 – House Energy Compliance

Ecologically Sustainable Development

The National Construction Code has established energy efficiency provisions to ensure that both Australian residential and commercial buildings are designed and constructed to operate with a suitable, yet minimum, energy level based on their intended purpose and location.

A Sustainable Home

The term “sustainability” has been gaining some much-needed attention within the building design industry, but what does it actually mean?

Islington Luxury Apartments

. A Little Luxury With so many people downsizing, architects and interior designers are pushing the boundaries with groundbreaking designs that optimise space and style. The concept of a future-proof home is becoming increasingly popular as people seek to invest in a property that can adapt to their changing lifestyle needs over time. Working together […]

Port Stephens Home

Lia Residence

. TARGET The NatHERS thermal performance target for the Newcastle Climate Zone is: 59.7 Heating MJ/m2.pa33.3 Cooling MJ/ RESULT The NatHERS thermal performance result for this project was: 52.6 Heating MJ/m2.pa20.1 Cooling MJ/ 72.7 Total MJ/ Luxury by the Sea Home to Anchorage Port Stephens, Corlette is where luxury meets the sea.  A carefully considered blend […]

Boat Harbour Residence

. Beachside Living Designer: Draw Design Group Location: Boat Harbour, Port Stephens NSW NCC Climate Zone: 5 – Warm Temperate  NatHERS Star Rating: 6 Stars  BASIX: Deemed to Satisfy Compliance   Solar: 5Kw per dwelling   Rainwater Tanks: 5000L per dwelling The Design Designed by award-winning Building Designer Torren Bell for Draw Design Group, this luxurious […]

Stockton Duplex

. In-Haus Living Opting for a design that takes advantage of natural air flow through cross ventilation, and colours that help absorb or reflect the heat are some of the key characteristics that improve the overall thermal performance of these dwellings.  Designer: Torren Bell Building Design  Location: Stockton, Newcastle NSW  NCC Climate Zone: 5 – […]

Understanding Thermal Performance

The term ‘thermal performance’ generally refers to how efficiently a system or device manages and transfer heat. Thermal performance has become a crucial factor in building design due to regulations that mandate energy conservation and carbon emission reduction by minimizing heat loss from buildings to the external environment.

Green Living Tips

People are drawn to a green-living lifestyle for a variety of reasons, whether it is sound environmental practices, cost-savings initiatives, or the opportunity to instil positive values in the younger generation.